We have committed all of our skills and knowledge to protecting natural resources and developing and expanding the use of environmentally friendly technologies for energy generation.

Designing the future today

We set good examples as we progress: Economic success and environmental protection not only form a part of our corporate goals. We are convinced that in the longer term it is impossible to achieve one without the other. Therefore through our daily work and know-how we are committed to improving energy generation from the sun as one of the most important energy sources of the future.

Commitment and information

Together with the other companies in the group we are involved in regional and international projects for promoting renewable energies. Together, we not only develop technologies that allow efficient use of solar energy, in addition - through regular events, seminars and training courses - we keep our knowledge up to date with regard to current developments in the energy market, new developments in the field of solar energy and general topics concerning environmental and climate protection.

Climate-friendly building

Our commitment to the environment is for example reflected in the company building into which we relocated in 2010. A photovoltaic plant with 180 kWp as well as a thus far unique solar-thermal parabolic channel plant with an underground thermal storage unit ensure that the new production and office building supplies more energy than is used inside.