Solare Datensysteme employs a variety of personalities. What we have in common is our strategic vision, our business mission and our company values. Our accomplishments reflect our competence and professionalism.

Our Vision

With our Solar-Log™ solutions, we are one of the leading providers for reliable monitoring of regenerative energy. Our system contributes to optimizing sustainable energy concepts and to the conservation and protection of our environment.

Our Mission

We strive to stay ahead of the market by soundly using our company’s resources and financial means allowing us to safeguards our success and provide our worldwide customers with state of the art solar energy monitoring systems – the
highest scientific technology available.

Our Values

Sense of Responsibility

  • We believe that our solar energy product and its solutions must harmonize the benefi ts to people, while considering the impact on nature and the environment.
  • We work responsibly and ensure that important fundamental factors are incorporated into our decision making process.
  • We take responsibility for our company and employees by making decisions that are financially sustainable. But also the personal and social ones.


  • We stand for first class quality and reliability.
  • We offer our customers and stakeholders premium products and services that cater to their needs.
  • Our indicator for success is the satisfaction of our customers and our employees.
  • We monitor our quality on a regular basis and look to improve it constantly.

Integrity and Trust

  • We stand by what we say and let ourselves be measured by it.
  • Openness, honesty and credibility guide our actions.


  • Unity, at the corporate, departmental, national and international level, is the only way we will achieve our objectives.
  • Each and every individual with his or her personal engagement contributes to the success of our company.
  • We approach our business with professionalism and motivation, but also with a good portion of spirit and fun.
  • Collaboration within the company is marked by reciprocal appreciation and support.