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Solar-Log™ supports inverters, SCBs, heat pumps, batteries und heating rods.

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Overview of all components

Comprehensive evaluation functions and many enhancement options make the Solar-Log1000 a real all-rounder for use in demanding situations.

Intuitive operation

The Solar-Log1000 is designed with a large integrated touchscreen display. This allows the tabular and graphic evaluation of the plant data. Also ideal for installation in living areas. It is intuitively operated either via the touch-sensitive screen or via a PC with a popular web browser as preferred. The installation of software is not required.

Comprehensive performance comparison

The Solar-Log1000 not only measures and compares the yield data of the individual strings, but also the performance data of the individual inverters. The SCB auxiliary module allows even large plants with a central inverter and up to 1440 strings to be monitored consistently and reliably. Multiple Solar-Log1000 can be networked with each other via master/slave controls.

Smart Metering – Monitoring and optimisation with Solar-Log™

Due to targeted promotion by the EEG (Renewable Energy Law, Germany), own power consumption for solar plants now offers an attractive opportunity to enhance the returns from solar plants. This is because each kWh that you consume yourself is also rewarded. 

Monitors different inverters

Being the only multi-vendor capable monitoring device the Solar-Log1000 can also monitor and evaluate different inverters within one plant. When upgrading the plant or if the inverter needs to be replaced you can therefore use any suitable inverter regardless of manufacturer.