The ideal combination of monitoring device and evaluation platform.

For every plant size, one or 100 plants, private or industrial.

Solar-Log™ WEB - comprehensive and professional monitoring of photovoltaic plants

Available in various operational levels for end-users, solar technologists and dealers, the internet platform Solar-Log™ WEB offers comprehensive and professional evaluation programs as well as supplemental services related to the monitoring of photovoltaic plants.

Solar-Log 300 – an all-round talent for small plants

The Solar-Log 300 can be installed in plants with a maximum total power of 15 kWp, regardless of the number of inverters. Therefore, this new model can monitor smaller plants with two or three inverters of the same manufacturers without any problems.

Solar-Log 1200 – mid-range device for small to medium-sized PV plants

The Solar-Log 1200 can be installed in plants with a maximum total power of 100 kWp, regardless of the number of inverters. The Solar-Log 1200 comes with two displays: a large TFT color touch screen and a smaller LCD display for status messages.

Solar-Log 2000 –high-end device for large-scale PV plants and solar power stations

The Solar-Log 2000 is comfortable monitoring and controlling large-scale PV plants and solar power stations.  The new high-performance top-of-the-line model can monitor a maximum plant size of 2000 kWp and up to 100 inverters.

Accessories - Useful additions for all Solar-Log™ devices

Our comprehensive range of accessories offers the right addition for every kind of use. For example:

  • Installation housing for outside areas
  • Radio transmitters for cordless installations
  • Electronic control of sockets for optimization of your individual power consumption
  • Solar-Log™ Dashboard, Android APP and IPhone APP
  • and much more...


Advantages of Solar-Log™ at a glance

  • Yield stability thanks to comprehensive plant monitoring and multiple alarm options
  • Web-based software - no program installation
  • Clear graphic and tabular formats for the yield and plant values
  • Data called up via internet connection - anywhere, anytime
  • Single multi-vendor capable monitoring device
  • Compatible with inverters produced by more than 80 manufacturers
  • Optional recording, calculation and optimization of your individual power consumption
  • Wireless inverter connection with Bluetooth or radio package available for all Solar-Log™ products
  • Many additional functions thanks to comprehensive range of accessories

Failure monitoring means yield stability

Whether foliage is obscuring sunlight, a cable has been eaten by rodents or an entire inverter has failed: If faults are not remedied immediately they can lead to a massive loss in yield. Solar-Log™ monitoring devices offer reliable monitoring, analysis and reporting of errors. This ensures yield stability over the entire plant operating time.