Solar-Log 250 - Puls Metering

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Solar-Log™ supports inverters, SCBs, heat pumps, batteries und heating rods.

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Overview of all components

The low cost failure and yield monitoring system for plants with a maximum power of 10 kWp.

The Solar-Log 250 is compatible with inverters from all the major manufacturers. One inverter with a load output of 10 kWp and up to three MPP trackers can be connected.

Inverter Interfaces

The inverter can be connected via RS485/422 or an Ethernet connection. A meter can be set up as an inverter via the S0 interface and records the output from incompatible inverters.

Solar-Log 250 USB Connection and Data Export
A USB stick can be connected for safe and quick manual installations of new firmware updates, data enhancements and system add-ons.

More than just Pulse Metering
Pulse Metering devices provide production data; is this really sufficient to make sure the PV plant operates properly? We say no. The number of more than 243,000 PV plants equipped with Solar-Log™ data loggers worldwide confirm this.

Solar-Log 250 compared to Pulse Metering - some differences

Solar-Log™ Pulse Metering Info
production (kWh) too low yes no monitoring by inverter/by string
error/status code sent from inverter yes no direct communication with inverter
shadow recognition on PV plants yes no info about impact of shadowing
inverter efficiency (all inverters/by day) yes no calculation inverter efficiency (DC/AC)
production communication by inverter yes no real monitoring by inverter (AC/DC)
production communication by meter yes no connecting production or consumption meter
comparison potential + actual production yes no follow production by roof, slope or module;connection up to 9 sensors

Solar-Log 250

  • Maximum plant size: 10 kWp
  • Dynamic LCD-Status-Display
  • Easy Installation
  • String Monitoring of MPP Trackers