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IBC SOLAR AG ServeMaster 2750 is supported by the following Solar-Log™ models:

Please note the maximal DC monitoring: Solar-Log 300 with 15 kWp, Solar-Log 1200 with 100 kWp. Information about the connections setup is available in our Inverter Installation Manual!

Important data and requirements for interface RS485
Recomended Solar-Log™ firmware 2.7.0-43 09.01.2012
Easy Installation support Yes (more information)
Active power limitation support Yes
Active power limitation supports Solar-Log™ firmware from 2.7.0-43 09.01.2012
Reactive power control supports No
Compatible Solar-Log™ cable kit available? Art.-No. 220042
Selection for the inverter detection Danfoss
More details
RS485 radio pack support Yes
Maximum data cable length 600 Meter
Remarks: For manual Identification, please select "Danfoss".Powermanagement for Non-TL devices does only work if there are no TL devices in the same Solar-Log. Non-TL devices cannot regulate to intermediate levels (e.g. 30%), they can only turn off completely.

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Solar-Log™ Easy Installation - the automatic detection of the inverter and a fast internet connection - is supported. Find out more

The selected inverter and Solar-Log™ support the Active power limitation and therefore the EEC-required power limit. Find out more