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Solar-Log™ supports inverters, SCBs, heat pumps, batteries und heating rods.

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Overview of all components

CTO Jörg Karwath gives an overview on Photovoltaik Monitoring with Solar-Log™.

The beautifully shaped device for failure and yield monitoring with two-line text display and easy to operate keypad.

Easy to install

Thanks to its special housing the Solar-Log500 can also be installed perfectly in living areas. The cable routing is covered by the generous housing. It can be operated via the keypad with its two-line text display or via the PC connected to it. As for all Solar-Logs, the Solar-Log500 is also multi-vendor capable and compatible with all popular inverters (see table on left).

Comprehensive performance comparison

The Solar-Log500 not only measures and compares the yield data of the individual strings, but also the performance data of the individual inverters. This allows errors and malfunctions that are for example due to obscured sunlight, rodent gnawing or inverter failure to be quickly and reliably analyzed.

Configurable alarm function

Alarms are sent out automatically via email or SMS as preferred. Daily yield notifications are also possible. Furthermore, all status and error messages can be conveniently called up from any web-enabled PC.

Reliable diagnosis

Every 15 seconds the Solar-Log500 checks the performance data of the plant and logs up to 200 events per inverter. In addition it also identifies derating conditions or network malfunctions being experienced by the power network operator.