Greater independence from rising electricity prices:

Feed-in tariffs are being reduced. Tax incentives and subsidies are being removed. And energy prices continue to rise.
As a consequence, the constantly increasing energy needs make the storage and optimized consumption of self-produced power essential. Intelligent heating with PV power, for example, offers solutions.

Clever control of self-produced power

All Solar-Log™ devices (other than the Solar-Log 250) offer the option to precisely control appliances via the Solar-Log™. Additional options to control appliances include networked “smart plugs” and the integrated relays such as Solar-Log™ Smart Relay Stations on the Solar-Log 300, 1200 and 2000.

You can operate Solar-Log 1200 and Solar-Log 2000 directly from the device. The graphical reports of a PV plant’s yield and consumption data, as well as the energy flows within a building, are visualized on the color TFT display. The Smart Energy automation can be turned on and off from the TFT display.

The new Solar-Log™ menu structure provides an intuitive user interface. This new structure allows smart electrical appliances, such as an EGO Smarter Heater in combination with Smart Plugs, to be controlled and prioritized based on the amount of surplus power. Different energy profiles and components can be linked and checked based on the simulation.

Energy flows are displayed with Solar-Log™ WEB. The usage of self-produced power can be visualized.

Smart Energy Management: The top entry in the priority list is switched on before the other devices.