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Solar-Log™ supports inverters, SCBs, heat pumps, batteries und heating rods.

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ReleaseNotes Solar-Log200/500/1000& Solar-Log 250,300,1200 und 2000
update: 26.07.2016 - Solar-Log™ 3.5.0 Build 82

ReleaseNotes Solar-Log 100e/400e (TXT)

ReleaseNotes Solar-Log 200/500/800e/1000  (PDF) update: Jan. 27, 2014

ReleaseNotes Solar-Log 300/1200/2000 (PDF) update: Jan. 15, 2014

Solar-Log™ WEB „Commercial Edition“: Software Updates

Release Notes - Solar-Log™ WEB 2.8.1 – June 27, 2016