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Which Solar-Log™ is best for me?

In principle all three Solar-Log™ models are able to monitor a PV plant completely and using modern technology via internet. The Solar-Log™ that is the best "match" depends on the plant size, availability of PC/internet and costs. The selection of accessories also helps decide which Solar-Log™ to select.

Is it possible to use the SMA SUNNY BEAM (table display) with the Solar-Log™?

If the inverters are connected solely via the RS485 interface the SMA SUNNY BEAM (table display) can be operated via the Bluetooth interface.

CAUTION: It is NOT possible to use the inverter and SMA SUNNY BEAM via Bluetooth in parallel.
Reason: For the Bluetooth connection between INV. and Solar-Log™ the Bluetooth selector switch must be set to "1". When operating the SMA SUNNY BEAM the setting "2" is to be used, and is therefore NOT compatible.

Previously the REFUSOL inverters were laboriously converted to the Solar-Log protocol (see manual 2.15). As of FW 2.0.3 the original protocols from REFUSOL are also supported. What do we need to be mindful of?

The new Refusol inverters are now supported by their own Refusol protocol. It is therefore no longer necessary to directly perform the time consuming modifications to the inverter (see manual 2.15).

CAUTION: If you already have REFUSOL inverters with the Solar-Log™ protocol they must either be converted to the original protocol from Refusol or the new ones must also be converted to the Solar-Log™ protocol. It is not possible to use two different protocols via one bus.

It is also NOT possible anymore to make transfers via the RS485 Radio Package with the original Refusol protocol (native) as this currently transfers at > 115000 which exceeds the max. of the RS485 Radio Package. REFUSOL is however planning to change the baud rate which may make it possible to use the RS485 Radio Package again.