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10 Reasons for investing in a Solar-Log™ monitoring system

  1. Maximize your revenue goals; Solar-Log™ sends immediate notification by e-mail or text message in case of any malfunction or reduced performance.
  2. Gain independence over rising energy costs by using the self-consumption performance feature.
  3. Easy-to-use display directly on the device as well as online access for remote operation. Network integration is easy and does not require software installation.
  4. Network integration is easy and does not require software installation.
  5. The best price/performance ratio for topnotch monitoring.
  6. The Solar-Log™ monitoring system provides protection on your ROI and offers the bank security it needs.
  7. Increased property values due to having a PV plant installed with self-consumption power management.
  8. Convenience and certainty when used with a service contract from a monitoring specialist who will take care of things.
  9. Demonstrates your active concern for environmental protection.
  10. Solar-Log™ devices are made in Germany, to the highest quality standards, by the world’s market leader.


Monitoring and Managing Solar Power with Solar-Log™.

Which Solar-Log™ is best for me?

In principle all three Solar-Log™ models are able to monitor a PV plant completely and using modern technology via internet. The Solar-Log™ that is the best "match" depends on the plant size, availability of PC/internet and costs. The selection of accessories also helps decide which Solar-Log™ to select.

Product comparison

The following details are important to have when selecting the best data logger for your needs: plant size, the availability of Internet, inverter type and series.

Here is an overview of all Supported Components by Solar-Log™ devices:

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