"Promotion Package" with Solar-Log 1200
Article Number: 255940

Solar-Log 1200
+ Solar-Log™ PRO380 Energy Meter
+ EGO Smart Heater for a special price!

Article Number 255940

During the solar eclipse on March 20, 2015, Solar-Log™ managed the EGO Smart Heater accordingly, turned it off for the solar eclipse and then turned on again once the eclipse has been finished.

How does this work?

The Solar-Log 1200 is an intelligent managing and monitoring system that controls electrical appliances and coordinates the consumption of PV power. It adjusts the operating level of the EGO Smart Heater when there is surplus PV power. This allows a heating system to be used as a buffer storage, offering enormous savings potential.


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5 ways you can benefit...

Efficient: Solar-Log 1200 manages PV power, provides the EGO Smart Heater with surplus PV
power - saves energy costs.

Simple: Quick and simple installation – low investment costs.

Intelligent: Integrated power - no external electric contactor required.

Secure: When water temperature drops below 4°C, the EGO Smart Hea-
ter starts to heat the water at 500 watts - Frost protection function

Proved: DIN EN 60335-1, DIN EN 60730-1/9 and VDE- and CE-proved and certified – for a safety feeling.

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