Solar-Log™ Licences

30. April 2017

To expand the functions of Solar-Log™, SDS offers various licences.
The Solar-Log™ Modbus TCP Direct Marketing Licence ensures the communication between direct marketers and remote controllable PV plants, simple and efficient. The Solar-Log™ can receive reduction commands from the direct marketer and report the current output via this interface.

With the FTP license, the data export can be used for third-party portals. This allows for multiple, periodical data transfers.

The Solar-Log™ SCB License activates data recording of different SCBs in the Solar-Log™, as well as the visualization and monitoring of individual string values in the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ portal.

Solar-Log™ Plant Expansion Licenses (Solar-Log 1200 to 250 kWp & Solar-Log 300 to 30 kWp) are also in the program. The one-time license for the expanded plant sizes requires at least firmware version 3.5.0.