Modbus TCP DPM

Direct Marketing Interface

In Germany since 01 January 2016, PV plants with an installed output of more than 100 kWp are required to participate in direct marketing.  Solare Datensysteme GmbH offers ready-to-connect packages for all direct marketers to connect to virtual power plants.

The Solar-Log™ PM+ offers the following advantages and benefits

  • A direct marketing solution consists of a VPN router and Modbus TCP DPM for communication to the direct marketing control center.
  • Individual VPN router configurations, including technical support for the initial installation, function tests and ready messages, are included.
  • A license which is available for different output classes needs to be purchased to use the direct marketing interface.
  • The control commands from the grid operator/direct marketer can be evaluated in the Solar-Log WEB Enererst™ portal. Additional reporting functions are available.

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