Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ 4

Monitoring in a new way

With the new monitoring portal Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ 4 Solar-Log™ is once again setting new standards. The pioneer of PV monitoring is underlining once again its commitment to bringing out new new innovations for the benefit of its customers. This thinking has a long tradition at Solar-Log™, a leading company in PV monitoring and energy management. With the know-how gained from more than ten successful years in the solar industry, a powerful tool has been developed that makes the installer's daily work much easier. This requirement was the focus of the development work for the new Solar-Log WEB portal Enerest™ 4. The Solar-Log™ motto "More than just PV monitoring" naturally still applies in the brand new monitoring platform. A number of new features provide a better overview and even easier, intuitive handling.

Seamless communication between Solar-Log WEB Enerest™, Solar-Log™ and the individual components ensures that any problems are recognised immediately and yield losses are prevented. The rapid solving of problems relieves the time and financial budget.

Feature list

  • Detection of four different error types (deviation, data transmission between Enerest and SolarLog™, communication between Solar-Log™ and connected components, status messages)
  • Specific error sites to have all data for analysis at a glance (measurement data, configuration, weather)
  • Converting a event to a task
  • Grouping of alarm messages according to fleets / can be defined by customer
  • Error ticker: shows the last 20 errors
  • Production overview for faster identification of failures in plants
  • Errors can be archived
  • VLCD display (Virtual-LCD-Display) on plant detail site
  • Current weather at the plant location and at the time of error
  • Quickfilter: last weekend, last week and last month and selectable date

More than just PV monitoring

Thanks to a completely new way of linked individual services, the system availability of the monitoring platform is now increased and the monitoring does not affect the performance even at high workload.
Get to know the new features in detail:

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