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Solar-Log™ Models at a Glance

Solar-Log Base

Tailored to individual plant needs


I/O Interface Module for Solar-Log Base

Common Features

Solar-Log Base 15, 100 and 2000

The photovoltaic market and its market conditions are subject to constant change. Nowadays, the focus is on the optimization of self-produced electricity consumption and feed-in management in combination with professional monitoring and control of PV plants.

The Solar-Log™ product range offers an extensive portfolio of solutions – from single-family house with a PV plant and one inverter to industrial operations and solar power stations with up to 100 inverters. These solutions are designed to comply with the various national regulations in regard to renewable energy. Solar-Log™ is also able to implement individual requirements such as the intelligent managing and prioritizing of energy consumption.

High degree of flexibility due to inverter-independence

Solar-Log™ Easy Installation, for a quick and simple installation, no special PC or Internet expertise is required.

In 2017, international research firms GTM Research and Navigant Research confirmed Solar-Log's position as a market leader for inverter-independent monitoring systems for residential and commercial solar PV plants.

Solar-Log WEB Enerest™, keeping everything in sight and under control, online available at any time.

Advantages over Integrated Inverter Systems

Solar-Log™ in Comparison

The Solar-Log™ product range in combination with the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ portal offers comprehensive and professional plant monitoring, and numerous functions. The PV plant's output and status are visualized with concise graphics and tables; the data and information is analyzed and displayed in detail. The photovoltaic plant is precisely monitored for inverter failures, status and error messages, and performance variations. With multi-tracker inverters, deviations can be detected down to the MPP tracker level – depending on the inverter type.

  • Replacing inverter & expanding a plant is relatively simple
  • Mixed operations with different inverters brands and types possible
  • Reliable and professional monitoring at the string level is simply possible
  • Fulfills the diverse range of requirements for feed-in management (Country-depent)
  • Numerous functions to optimize the consumption of self-produced power
  • Professional support before, during and after the installation
  • Extensive technical and international know-how with over 276,000 data loggers world-wide (planning and support for the residential, commercial and industrial plant segments)
  • Highest, long-term flexibility: Solar-Log™ is compatible with over 2,300 inverter models and with more than 130 different component manufacturers


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