All-round Talent for Small PV Plants

Solar-Log 300

The Solar-Log 300 is an all-round talent for small plants that not only monitors for failures and yield irregularities, but also offers numerous smart energy functions. The device is suited for plants a maximum output of 15 kWp and is available in several versions and with additional features.

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Expansion License Available!

Possible to update to 30 kWp with a one-time license.

Solar-Log™ Easy Installation

The inverter detection and the Internet log on start immediately. The installation status is shown on the LCD-Status-Display. The manual configuration of the Solar-Log™ can be performed via the WEB interface. Easy Installation is compatible with the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™: This means that the Solar-Log™ will automatically connect to the portal.

Solar-Log™ Smart Energy

Self-consumption can be measured and displayed as a graph with an energy meter Smart Energy logics activate and deactivate individual appliances depending on the amount of available energy.

Solar-Log WEB Enerest™

The Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ online portal expands the presentation and monitoring functions of the Solar-Log™.

The App - Solar-Log WEB Enerest™

This free app offers users comfort and security with its structured operating concept, intuitive controls, modern features and interactive graphics.


Solar-Log WEB Enerest™

Fit for the future  with Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ – central control element for installers and service providers.  The Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ is available in three different service levels and price classes to respond even better to the differing needs of individual customer groups.  The M, L and XL editions make it possible to find the perfect fit for the needs of the plant owner and to offer the most optimal service.  The system provides banks and investors reliable protection and professional monitoring for PV investments.



A maximum of 100 inverters, just one manufacturer per bus, maximum plant size 15 kWP.


Inverters can be connected via an RS485/422 interface or an Ethernet connection.

Solar-Log™ Components

Additions for New Functions

A number of components are available for the Solar-Log™ devices to offer extra protection, new functions and / or improved performance. From overvoltage protection to connecting diverse inverters or sensors, we can meet all your needs. Installers, dealers and service providers can offer their customers complete solutions with high-quality products.

Model Comparison

Technical Data

Solar-Log™ devices are the most accurate and reliable data loggers on the market that can be tailored to the particular needs of your customers. Our goal: more performance, more efficiency and more success for every photovoltaic plant.

Solar-Log 300
Solar-Log 1200
Solar-Log 1900
Solar-Log 2000

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