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Solar-Log™ PM Packages

String Connection Box (SCB)

Utility Meter

Solar-Log™ PM Box 1200 / 2000

Solar-Log™ PM Packages

Grid operators employ a wide range of signals that are required for feed-in management and that are used to send commands and the response signals. The Solar-Log™ PM Package is a single system to implement the various requirements with minimum effort. The PM Package consists of I/O Boxes and PM profiles. The I/O Boxes are a flexible gateway between remote control technology and the Solar-Log 1900 PM+ and Solar-Log 2000 PM+.  The input and output signals from the I/O Boxes are defined by the PM profile according to the grid operator requirement.

Technical data
Inputsup to 4 analog and up to 9 digital
Outputsup to 3 analog and up to 10 digital
Rated operating voltage 

10-24 VDC

CompatibilitySolar-Log 1900 PM+, Solar-Log 2000 PM+

*The operator specific PM+ profile needs to be ordered.

String Connection Box (SCB)

By using SCBs, the DC output from the individual strings is switched in parallel and connected to the central inverter. Recording the power per string and the transmission of the SCB measurements allows for performance monitoring at the string level.

The Solar-Log™ combined with the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ monitors and compares every individual string, ensuring reliable and precise PV plant monitoring. The currents from the individual strings are compared with each other for error identification and localization. Disturbances that result in yield decreases are immediately detected and can be fixed.

Solar-Log™ is Compatible with the Following String Connection Boxes (SCB)

Solar-Log™ devices support SCBs from various manufacturers. Please refer to the component database for details on the supported SCBs and their manufacturers.

Utility Meter

The Utility Meter is a universal metering device. It can be integrated in both low- and medium-voltage networks (via a transformer) and is needed for various tasks. In addition to voltage-dependent reactive power control Q(U), it is also used for reactive power control at the feeding point and to record the data that is needed consumption meter for heavy loads.

Technical data
Voltage measurement17 V-520 V L-L, 4 inputs
Current measurementMax. 5A
Rated operating voltage135-340 VDC voltage supply
MountingTop hat rails, 95-240 VAC /
135-340 VDC voltage supply
CompatibilitySolar-Log Base, 300, 1200, 1900 and 2000
Warranty1 year

Solar-Log™ PM Box Base

In some countries, the grid network capacity for feed-in energy produced by a solar PV installation is becoming more of a concern, with some G59/3 applications even being rejected completely
by the responsible DNO. In other areas, grid saturation constraints lead to stipulated maximum reverse power limits imposed by the DNO, which is often far less than the peak theoretical limit that the Solar PV array can produce.

The Solar-Log™ PM Box combines the inherent power management capabilities of Solar-Log™ control systems with a fail-safe backup unit, should the control system fail or ceases to be effec- tive. This solution is a standardized yet scalable framework to provide dynamic, closed-loop power management control over the inverter bank, suitable for up to 2 MWp size arrays and can be imple- mented globally. In most countries, an installation of this kind needs to be inspected by the local energy grid authorities. Please make contact with them in advance.
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