Direct Marketing of PV Energy

Solar-Log™ Direct Marketing

Since the beginning of 2016 in Germany, PV plants with an installed output of more than 100 kWp are required to participate in direct marketing. Solar-Log GmbH offers ready-to-connect packages for all direct marketers to connect to virtual power plants.

Advantages of Solar-Log™ Direct Marketing Solutions (DPM)

  • The direct marketing solution consists of a Solar-Log™ PM+, VPN router and Modbus TCP DPM interface for communication to the direct marketing control center.
  • Individual VPN router configurations, including technical support for the initial installation, function tests and ready messages, are included as part of the Solar-Log™ DPM solution.
  • A license which is available for different output classes needs to be purchased to use the direct marketing interface.
  • The control commands from the grid operator/direct marketer can be evaluated with the Solar-Log™ PM+ and in the Solar-Log WEB Enererst™ portal. The online portal offers additional reporting functions.

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