Effective Use of Surplus PV Power

Solar-Log™ in Combination with a Heat Pump

The combination of photovoltaic and heat pumps offers another potential way to optimize the consumption of self-produced power. The basic idea is to have the heat pump use the surplus PV power. Depending on how the heat pump is connected to the Solar-Log™, a release signal or the surplus is reported to the heat pump.

The protocol connection to the IDM heat pumps additionally includes transferring the yield forecast data. Based on the weather forecast, the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ calculates the specific yield forecast for the next three days. IDM heat pumps factor in this data for the next 12 hours, allowing for efficient heat pump operation.

Key Advantages for Plant Owners

  • The intelligent control of the heat pump makes it possible to optimize the use of surplus power.
  • A building can be used as a heat buffer storage.
  • Energy efficient buildings (i.e. energy-efficient building shell) are especially well suited for this.
  • The target temperature in the rooms is then maintained by the IDM heat pumps depending on the selected comfort mode.
  • Modern heat-pumps operate completely emission-free at their installation site: No soot, no smoke and no wood dust pollute the air.

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