Intelligent Heating with PV Power

AC ELWA-E and Solar-Log™

By combining the Solar-Log™ and the AC ELWA-E from my-PV, excess PV power can be used
to heat domestic hot water or combined storage tanks. The power is linearly controlled by the
Solar-Log Base from 0 to 3,000 W depending on the surplus. This combination increases the degree
of self-sufficiency, especially in summer and during transitional periods. During this time, fossil
fuels can often be completely dispensed with for conventional hot water heating. The minimum
temperature of the hot water tank can be defined by configuring the unit. This means that hot
water can always be provided regardless of the excess PV power available. The AC ELWA-E can be
conveniently configured via the web interface for the Solar-Log Base.

Key Advantages for Plant Owners

  • Linear control for optimum energy utilisation
  • Simple communication via the Ethernet
  • Easy to service and maintain due to removable electronic components
  • Simple and quick installation, easy to retrofit in existing systems
  • Can be installed in hot water and buffer storage tanks
  • On average, grid-connected PV systems without storage achieve only 30 % self-consumption.
  • In an average household (5 kWp PV system), self-consumption can easily be increased to up to 75 % with the AC ELWA-E
  • The AC ELWA-E is a compact device – apart from the power connection and network cable to the Solar-Log™, no other connections are required.
  • When the set temperature is reached, the PV power can also be used for other loads.
  • A maximum of 6 AC ELWA-Es can work in conjunction.

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