Intelligent Heating with PV Power

EGO Smart Heater Ethernet and Solar-Log™

Thanks to the combination of the Solar-Log™ and the EGO Smart Heater, surplus PV power can be used to heat water which can also be used later when stored in combination storage tanks. The heating elements are activated to operate at different levels from 0 to 3500 watts depending on the amount of surplus power. This combination increases the degree of self-sufficiency, especially in the summer and in transitional periods when there is a high amount of surplus PV power. During this time, no fossil fuels are needed for the conventional heating of warm water. The minimal temperature for the hot water heater can be defined in the device configuration. This will ensure that there is always enough warm water available regardless of the amount of surplus PV power. The EGO Smart Heater can be conveniently configured from the Solar-Log™ web interface.

Key Advantages for Plant Owners

  • Easy and quick installation for new and existing plants.
  • Universally applicable in hot water storage tanks with and without corrosion protection thanks to its insulated construction.
  • Frost protection function: when water temperature drops below 4°C, the EGO Smart Heater starts to heat the water at 500 watts to prevent the boiler from freezing (breakdown of the primary heater), regardless of the PV yield and settings.
  • The EGO Smart Heater is a compact device – no additional connections beyond the power connection and data connection to the Solar-Log™ are needed.When the target temperature has been achieved, the PV power can be used by other appliances.
  • Once the target water temperature has been achieved, the PV power can be used by other appliances.
  • Up to a total of six EGO Smart Heater Ethernet devices can operate together.

Solar-Log™ is compatible with my-PV AC ELWA®.

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