Optimally Using the Produced Power

Solar-Log™ and Combined Heat and Power Generators (CHP)

With the help of power meters, the Solar-Log™ can record and visualize the production from CHPs. Only two power meters need to be connected to the Solar-Log™ device. One of the meters records the current power output and the other one the consumption. In combination with intelligent electrical appliances such as the EGO Smart Heater, the consumption of power produced by CHPs is optimized and the CHP operating times are shortened. This allows unprofitable grid feed-in to be avoided and the Solar-Log™ can be used a central monitoring and control element.

Key Advantages for Plant Owners

  • Record and visualize the output generated from a combined heat and power generator (CHP) device and PV plants.
  • Avoid unprofitable grid feed-in by using the surplus to operate intelligent appliances.