Informative Eye-Catchers

Solarfox® Large External Displays

Solarfox® large displays visualize the performance of PV plants and function as an "innovative bulletin board" to provide information to the public quickly and easily. All content such as images, texts, videos, colors and layout can be individually set. It is an informative eye catcher for visitors and customers to visualize one’s commitment to sustainability and customized messages can be displayed. And it is easily operated from a convenient online management system. It is important to clearly communicate technical relations and information. Therefore, Solarfox® displays work with an effective visual language.

The following information can be visualized on a Solarfox® multi-media display: energy output, power consumption, CO2 savings, storage and charging status, weather information, news, events and other customized content. Solarfox® is compatible with all Solar-Log™ models, and all can be visualized regardless of the plant’s location.

Available Modules

Indoor: Solarfox® SF-100 24“ (61 cm) to 32“ (81 cm)
Indoor: Solarfox® SF-300 24“ (61 cm) to 75“ (191 cm)
Outdoor: Solarfox® SF-400 32“ (81 cm) to 55“ (140 cm)

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