Two market leaders are joining forces

09. June 2020

Solar-Log™ now also compatible with E3DC storage

The Solar-Log™ energy management system is now also compatible with E3DC‘s solar power storage
units. Both companies are pleased about this new cooperation. With the integration of the open-system
energy manager Solar-Log™, the storage units from the Osnabrück-based company E3DC are compatible
with almost all inverters on the market and no longer require additional meters. Electricity storage
systems are the ideal solution for storing the power generated by a user’s own PV system, optimising
it for self-consumption and thus achieving maximum independence from external supply. The smart
energy management system Solar Log™ visualizes all relevant data of the storage units, like current
charge levels, charge and discharge capacity and charge history. It also determines how much stored
energy has been used and how much electricity costs have been saved as a result. „We are very pleased
about this new cooperation with E3DC. The fact that two market-leading companies and pioneers in
their respective fields of business are cooperating here is a logical step for both of them“, says Brigitte
Beck, CEO of Solar-Log™.