Reference project: A Photovoltaic System on the Roof of the Ministry of Energy & Water

Nominal Power
135.3 kWp

Annual output
198.891 MWh

Kaco New Energy BP 20 kW

Solar modules
LG 330W Monocrystalline

Plant Monitoring
Solar-Log 1200 with extension to 250 kWp and Solar-Log WEB Enerest™

The system is fully operational since the beginning of January, and is expected to produce 198.891 MWh of energy yearly, leading to a total saving of 130.16 tons of CO2 per year.

Plant Details
The installation was done by ECOsys team which consists of 20 engineers and technicians. “The work done during the bidding phase was very interesting and challenging as the project required a lot of optimization in order to meet the client’s requirements. Now that the drawings were turned into reality, we are very proud and satisfied with the results” said Mira Attieh, Senior Pre-sales Consultant at ECOsys.

The main challenge of the project was to esthetically design and integrate the PV system within the existing crammed rooftop of 830 m2 surface area, which led the team to combine two different types of mounting structures to fit the total requested capacity.
In a second step, ECOsys benefits from the feed-in management function of the Solar-Log™ to build an energy management system that regulates the performance of the PV system. In Lebanon, the grid is not available 24 hours/day, so many people depend on diesel generators to cover their electricity needs during these blackout hours. In the case of solar hybrid systems and high PV penetration, it must always be ensured that the diesel generators are protected when they are operated in parallel with the PV system. This energy management system was developed on the basis of Solar-Log™ and their own PLC solution.

Description of the customer
The Ministry of Energy & Water supervises the power and water sector in Lebanon, addressing the issues of water, electricity, oil, minerals, mining and extracting.

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