Reference Project: A Photovoltaic System on the Roof of the Food & Drug Corporation (FDC)

Nominal Power
307 kWp

Annual output
320 MWh


Solar modules

Mounting system

Plant Monitoring
Solar-Log 2000 and Solar-Log WEB Enerest™

Plant details
This is the first commercial scale project for a distribution company in Lebanon, where 968 panels are installed over 2 separate roofs, covering electricity consumption of offices and warehouse areas, with a total capacity of 307 KWp. The system is expected to produce 320 megawatt-hours of energy yearly, with a CO2 saving of 225 tons/year.

 “As ECOsys views it, the facility of FDC is operated by pioneers in the Lebanese market, as they are constantly thinking of using and applying the leading technological advancements, making their everyday operations most efficient and considerate from the humanitarian and environmental stand points. The PV system makes use of the empty roof areas intelligently. The first challenge was the splitting of the solar system between two building roofs implying a disjointed electrical system. The second challenge was the energy management system that controls the level of PV penetration, considering the drastic seasonal variations in the facilities load”, said Elie Maalouf, Division Manager of ECOsys. This energy management system was built based on Solar-Log™ and ECOsys´s own PLC solution.

Description of the customer
Food & Drug Corporation (FDC) is a leading FMCG and pharmaceutical importer, marketer and distributor in Lebanon. Their impressive portfolio of quality brands and commitment to engaging with consumers has made them one of the top distributors in Lebanon.

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