Reference Project - MW Effekt in Senden (Germany) with two CHPs

Plant details:  Residential and commercial property with owner-operated property management, with several residential and commercial units.

Total power consumption: ca. 210,000 KW/h per year.

CHP: 2x CHPs with 20 kWp output each, manufactured by 2G

Both of these CHPs are capable of generating about about 200,000 kWh of power for this location, depending on heat use. The heat production flows into the heating circulation system of the properties and is offered to the renters without any additional costs. The conventional gas heating that was installed in 2000 only serves as a backup system in case the output from the CHPs is insufficient. This can be the case when there are extreme sub-zero temperatures in winter. Currently, both of the CHPs are capable of providing about 70% of the average yearly electricity needs of the property.

The CHPs are "heat-driven." When heat is required, the CHP runs and additionally produces the desired power in the process. However, the heat required in summer is much less than what is required during the heating season (October to April). Thus, the CHPs are only able to cover about 30% of the electricity needed during the summer months. .

Previously, it was not possible to determine how much power is generated by each CHP. Likewise, the power consumption could not be individually dedicated to determine which renter used how much power at a particular time.

The system is managed by the Solar-Log™. The Solar-Log™ triggers four relays that can switch each CHP to 0%, 50% or 100%. Thus, both CHPs produce either 0, 10, 20, 30 or 40 kW/h.

By measuring the total power consumption values, the Solar-Log™ can manage each CHP based on power needs instead of heat needs. This allows the CHP to be operated during the summer months when the power needs reach the threshold defined in the Solar-Log™. The unneeded heat is stored in a buffer tank. If the return flow temperature is too high, the CHP is shut down.

Technology used:
1 x Solar-Log 2000 with Firmware 3.5.0, 1 x Janitza Utility Meter , 2 x S/0 meters,
2 x Solar-Log™ PRO 380 meters, 1 x Solar-Log™ Smart Relais Box with separate high-performance relasy, Solar-Log WEB Enerest™

With the visualization on the portal from MW Effek not only is the power consumption and production visible, but also the past runtime values. This technology extends the functionality of the CHPs from 2G. This also makes remote diagnostics of the CHPs possible for the owners and allows them to react quickly to any malfunctions.

It is in the interest of the plant operator to leave the CHPs running as long as possible and to control the devices in a way that as much generated power as possible is consumed by the property.
In this way, the CHPs pay for themselves fastest. The operator can sell the locally produced power to the renters cheaper than external utility companies.

Thanks to the new firmware version 3.5.0, CHPs can operate based on power-driven activation due to increased power needs.  

"Heat-driven control of CHPs manufactured by 2G with the Solar-Log™"