The true taste of the Swabian Alb.

Clean energy and delicious food go well together.

Regional cuisine and environmentally conscious power generation perfectly complement each other. Tobias Hailfinger and his family generate the energy for their restaurant from its own roof. As owner and manager of the "Traufganghütte Brunnental" restaurant, the 33-year-old values local products and the kitchen team makes local dishes using these ingredients. The restaurant is located in the Swabian Alb, a popular hiking region. It is only 20 minutes by car from the German headquarters of Solar-Log™.

Looking at the Solar-Log™ continues to captivate Tobias Hailfinger. "When we see that we are consuming almost 100% of the self-produced power, we know that we made the right decision." It was clear from the start that a photovoltaic plant would be installed on the roof. "As a kid, my parents had a solar plant on their house," said Tobias Hailfinger. His plant has an output of about 10 kWp. The restaurant is being expanded and soon more PV modules will be installed. Sustainability is more than just a buzzword to the Hailfingers. A combined heat and power generator complete the Traufganghütte's energy concept.

On-site inspection: Chef Christoph Dreher and his colleagues invite the Solar-Log™ team to a small kitchen party. Sales manager, Jörg Niche, cuts the savoy cabbage. The sales representative, Mario Murillo, learns how to clean and debone salmon fillets. Creative director, Stanislav Erman, avoids kitchen duties, taking pictures instead. Everyone is in a great mood. It was a lot of fun to cook with the Hailfinger team, but even more fun to sit down and eat everything.

Protecting natural resources and having an awareness of nature's treasures are of great importance to the Hailfinger family. The ingredients for their dishes comes from their own herb garden and from the meadows around the property. Meat, fish and vegetables – everything comes from their immediate surroundings. When wild game is on the menu, it is from a local hunter, and even from the local woods right next to the restaurant, when possible.

Tobias Hailfinger has a degree in tourism management with a focus on hotel and restaurant management. He learned his profession at top restaurants. One of the stops along his career includes the Hotel Ritz in London. The experiences and knowledge he gained in well-known restaurants are now put to use at his own restaurant on the Swabian Alb.

Plant details
Installed capacity: 9.54 kWp
Modules: 36 Canadian Solar PV modules
Plant monitoring: Solar-Log 1200
Year of construction: 2016
Installer: Solera GmbH, Geislingen-Binsdorf