Impianto di riferimento: Systems PV

Solar module: 98 SunPower™ Modules, 327 watts each

Inverters: 2 SMA TRIPOWER STP 15000-TL-10

Plant monitoring: Solar-Log 1200 + INEPRO 1250

This photovoltaic plant from Systèmes PV is located on a gas station roof (Total Senegal) in Dakar, Senegal.

Monitoring of the almost 100 SunPower™ modules with a total of about 32 kWp is done with a Solar-Log 1200 connected to the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ portal.

The energy from the modules is distributed to two SMA TRIPOWER STP 15000-TL-10 inverters. The consumption is recorded with an INEPRO1250 meter and relayed to the Solar-Log 1200 via an RS485 connection. The power reduction in the Solar-Log™ is set to 0% with the calculation of self-consumption. The inverters are controlled according to the current amount of consumption, preventing any grid feed-in.

The statistics indicate that only 1.5% of the generated power is fed into the grid. In the future, even more electrical appliances will be connected. If regulations change to allow the sale of surplus electricity, the power reduction can be deactivated so that the plant always generates the maximum amount of power.