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Feed-in management
Energy management

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Commercial and industrial customers
  • System monitoring, energy management and grid integration from a single source
  • All relevant system parameters at a glance at all times
  • Flexibly expandable
  • Sustainable and affordable energy supply for your business
  • One platform for all tasks and plants
  • Existing plants can be integrated
  • Plant monitoring can be booked as a service for support
  • Remote configuration options save on-site deployments
  • Flexible system
  • Modular structure for cost-optimised solutions
  • System monitoring can be booked as a service
  • Project support and remote configuration service
Energy suppliers & network operators
  • Flexible system solution for a wide variety of solutions
  • Integrated interfaces for marketing control
  • A platform for performance monitoring
  • Value-added solutions for their customers

Unique Energy Management System

Developed at "Solar-Log GmbH"

The pioneer and leading manufacturer for PV monitoring, smart energy, feed-in management, and services in the fields of electricity and heat. Solar-Log™ stands for manufacturer-independent, qualified monitoring, and control of PV systems worldwide. Solar-Log™ is compatible with more than 2300 components, making it a unique energy management system for renewable energy.

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More power for your photovoltaic plant

With the Solar-Log™ overall concept for your energy management, you ensure the profitability and efficiency of your PV plant.

Solar-Log Web worldwide

worldwide in 141
Countries installed
Plants worldwide
102,38 TWh
Total energy
58,56 Mt
Co2 avoidance
8,75 GWh
Yield today
16,41 GWp
Installed power



A complex challenge Feed-in management and peak shaving

In our blog post, we show various solutions for solving the challenges of feed-in management and peak shaving.

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Reinforcement in the Solar-Log GmbH product team

Geislingen-Binsdorf, 15.08.2023 - Simon Schweda started at Solar-Log GmbH on 1 August and took over product management at the energy management…

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