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Photovoltaic plants represent a considerable investment. In order to secure the investment, the yields of the plant must be ensured as the investment calculation is usually based on a yield expectation. In order to secure the yield of a plant, a constant control is needed. Modern monitoring systems help here since occurring errors are immediately detected and the predicted electricity yields are secured for the operator of the photovoltaic system.

Advantages/ Added Values:

  • Manufacturer independent platform.
  • Compatible with third party loggers.
  • High-performing and efficient.

Solar Log WEB Enerest™ 4

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The influences on the yield of a plant can be manifold and have a different impact on the yield. In various studies* the uncertainties and influences on the yield of the plant are examined. Here, the following aspects and their weighted influence on the yield can be summarized.

The interaction of a large number of components and materials in a photovoltaic system results in a large number of theoretical error sources. The error sources themselves in turn, can show different error cases/ causes, which may have a weighted influence on the yield of the system. Here you can see a simplified example of the TOP-TEN error causes in the area of photovoltaic modules and inverters, as well as their influence on the yield in the form of a prioritized cost number*.

*Source for numerical values and basic data: report, technical risks in PV projects, EURAC TUEV - Solarbankability; 2016.

Possible Causes for Failures:

  • Failure of individual modules.
  • Lightning strike, cable and glass breakage, hailstorm, or glass clouding.
  • Cable damage (marten bite and corrosion).
  • Power loss due to pollution (soot, pollen/flower dust, or bird excrement).
  • Inverter failures.
  • Overvoltage or failure of electronics.

The Bottom Line is the Yield

The Solar-Log™ device monitors the photovoltaic system and detects faults, such as the failure of an inverter, before they become a permanent problem. For a complete overview, the status and error codes of the individual inverter manufacturers are permanently recorded and saved in the event log. The Enerest ToGo App displays the deviations directly.

In order to recognise whether the photovoltaic system is working trouble-free and efficiently, the power of the inverters is compared with each other. The Solar-Log™ works with the kWp power, the normalised power of the inverters, to compare inverters of different sizes. With multi-tracker inverters, the Solar-Log™ can detect deviations down to MPP tracker level.

*Third-party loggers - Welcome!

The New Solar-Log WEB EnerestTM 4

With the new online portal Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ 4, Solar-Log™ scores once again! One platform - All loggers! This omni-compatibility creates a standard for online monitoring. The know-how gained from more than ten successful years in the solar industry has resulted in an increasingly powerful online portal that makes the installer's daily work so much easier. Little by little, more and more loggers are being integrated. Currently, devices from meteocontrol and Huawei are compatible.

One Portal - All Loggers

The Solar-Log™ motto "More than just PV monitoring" still applies in the brand new online portal, and of course, will also apply to loggers from other manufacturers in the future. Numerous new features ensure optimum clarity and even simpler, intuitive handling. The data is displayed in greater detail, and evaluations are provided even more precisely. At the same time, handling is simple, straightforward, and individually adaptable. This optimizes workflows, speeds up error analysis, and saves time.

Open for New Things

More and more loggers are being integrated into the new Solar-Log Web Enerest™ 4 portal, signifying no more confusion when it comes to monitoring! In the future, the system-open platform can also be used with many loggers from other manufacturers. This means that every plant operator can benefit from the simple and time-saving handling of the new Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ 4 platform, only needing one portal regardless of which data loggers they use.

More loggers will be added over time!

The new online portal Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ 4 is now compatible with data loggers from many manufacturers. One platform for all, manufacturer-independent, and open to all systems. Get an overview with our videos at the Solar-Log™ Academy.

Solar-LogTM Academy

Enerest™ ToGo

Monitoring in your pocket

Our free app is available for download for Apple and Android devices, offering you functions as a professional and monitorer. In addition, the app can also be used by your customers. It provides time-saving support for use on the construction site, yet also for tracking errors for your PV systems. The app informs you when Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ 4 has detected new errors. On the go, you decide whether errors should be converted to tasks, or archived.

Self-consumption at a glance:
Your customers can use the app to overview all production and consumption values, allowing you to focus on monitoring and service. Weekly yield reports can be sent through the app with a push notification. This can be set individually per user.

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Advantages/added value

  • Pocket-sized monitoring.
  • All important plant information always at hand.
  • Plus applications for the installer.

Solar Log™ PV Monitoring

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