10 Reasons for investing in a Solar-Log™ Base monitoring system
  • The best price/performance ratio for topnotch monitoring.
  • Maximize your revenue goals; Solar-Log™ sends immediate notification by e-mail in case of any malfunction or reduced performance.
  • Gain independence over rising energy costs by using the self-consumption performance feature.
  • Easy-to-use display directly on the device as well as online access for remote operation.
  • Network integration is easy and does not require software installation.
  • The Solar-Log™ monitoring system provides protection on your ROI and offers the bank security it needs.
  • Increased property values due to having a PV plant installed with self-consumption power management.
  • Convenience and certainty when used with a service contract from a monitoring specialist who will take care of things.
  • Demonstrates your active concern for environmental protection.
  • Solar-Log™ devices are made in Germany, to the highest quality standards, by the world’s market leader.
Which Solar-Log™ is best for me?
  1. In principle, all Solar-Log™ models (Solar-Log Base 15, 100 and 2000) are capable of reliably monitoring a PV plant. The models differ primarily in how large the plant is. The Solar-Log Base 15 can be connected up to a plant size of 15 kWp, the Solar-Log Base 100 up to 100 kWp and the Solar-Log Base 2000 is designed for a maximum of 2000 kWp Extension licences are available for certain models.

  2. The following details are important to have when selecting the best data logger for your needs: plant size, the availability of Internet, inverter type and series.The selection of accessories also helps when deciding on the Solar-Log™ models..

  3. Here is an overview of all Supported Components by Solar-Log™ devices: Supported components

What information do you need from me to be able to project my plant?

If you have a request for PV system design, please contact us and give us so many details as possible, as they will help us to offer you a professional and optimal solution.

How long does the Solar-Log Base battery last?

The Solar-Log is supplied with power via a 24 V power supply unit (if required via a 12 V power supply unit).

The Solar-Log has a battery-buffered Real Time Clock, or RTC for short. An internal circuit ensures that the battery supplies the RTC and that it only discharges when there is no external power supply for the Solar-Log.

The RTC and therefore the respective time will continue to run in the absence of an external power supply. This is important for recording the data with the correct time stamp after the power supply has been interrupted, as it may take some time to synchronise the system time on the Internet.

The battery has been sized so that the Solar-Log Base continues to record the system time for at least 3 years from production without an external power supply.


Creating a plant in Solar-Log WEB-Enerest™

Log in with the account symbol (top right) to create a new plant under your account. Switch to "My Plants" and click on the plus symbol. Then a window appears to enter the "Plant Name" and "Serial Number." Enter the "Easy Code" if the Solar-Log™ should register automatically to the portal. Remove the top gray cover on the device to find the serial number and Easy Code. Then click on "Save." The plant is then automatically created. All the necessary information that needs to be entered in the Solar-Log™ to transfer data is located in the plant's "Access Data" section on the portal.

Device replacement in Solar-Log WEB-Enerest™

If it is necessary to replace a Solar-Log™ device at your plant, you do not need to register the new device. The device replacement can be performed with you existing account.

The following steps are necessary to replace a device in the Solar-Log WEB-Enerest™ portal. Log in with the account symbol. Switch to "My Plants." Go to the plant where the device needs to be replaced and click on the tab "Solar-Log™ Replacement." Enter the serial number from the new Solar-Log™ in the serial number box (remove the top gray cover on the device to find the serial number) and then click on the "Replace" button. This completes the device replacement process and the Solar-Log™ now transfers its recorded data to the WEB portal.

Creating a new password in Solar-Log WEB-Enerest™

To create a new password in Solar-Log WEB-Enerest™, log in with the account symbol, go to "Personal information" and click on the "Password" tab. You can generate a new password in the "password" box. After clicking on "Change Password" to save the password, the password will be activated and sent via e-mail to the registered e-mail address.

Did you forget your password?

If you have forgotten your password, go to the account symbol (top right) and click on the link "Forgot your password?." Then the "Recover Password" window appears where you have to enter the e-mail address used for registration. A randomly generated password is send to this e-mail address. Please change this password right after you log in with it. (Refer to "Creating a new password in Solar-Log WEB-Enerest™).

You would like to deactivate a PV plant in the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™?

If the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ service for certain PV plants is not to be extended, there are two possibilities how this can be implemented. Use the link below to obtain a document explaining these options.

Download: Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ Billing Portal

Do you have any questions about our Enerest ToGo APP?

All information about the Enerest ToGo APP from Solar-Log™ can be found under the following "Online help" link.
APP FAQ page


How do I connect my Solar-Log™ Base with a laptop or PC?

The following link will provide you with instructions on how to set the PC to DHCP in order to connect directly with the Solar-Log™ Base by means of the crossover cable and then configure it. See chapter "Connect the Solar-Log™ Base to the network/PC".

What happens when too much power is connected to a Solar-Log™ Base and its capacity has been exceeded?

When, for example, 105 kW or more is connected to a Solar-Log Base , exceeding its limit of 100.99 kW. The following occurs: FTP Export is disabled (Remote Configuration still works). HTTP Export is disabled (Remote Configuration still works). The sending of error and yield notifications is disabled. The following message appears in the web interface: "The amount of connected generator power allowed for this device has been exceeded. The device's use is limited. Please check the device configuration."


What do I need to keep in mind when connecting inverters?

The following checklist will assist you step by step in connecting inverters to the Solar-Log™ system. Notes on the wiring and interface are provided.

Download: Checklist Inverter Detection

How can I carry out an inverter replacement?

You can find step-by-step information on how to proceed in these general directions for inverter replacement.

Download: Inverter Replacement Manual

Direct marketing

Which plant must participate in Germany in direct marketing?

Commissioning as of 01.01.2016/ system size as of 100 kWp
Commissioning as of 01.08.2014/ system size as of 500 kWp
Plants below 100 kWp and existing plants can optionally participate in direct marketing. Please contact us and request a quote for our direct marketing solution.

With which Solar-Log™ does direct marketing work?

Solar-Log 1000/ 1000 PM+, 1200/ 1200 PM+, 1900/ 1900 PM+, 2000/ 2000 PM+,
Prerequisite is at least firmware version 3.3.0.

Solar-Log™ Base 15/100/2000 from firmware version 5.0.

Can I also operate direct marketing with a master-slave?

If you want to operate direct marketing with a master-slave PV system, please send us the following information via the contact form:

  • How many Solar-Log™ devices are installed in the plant.
  • Which devices are connected to the Master Solar-Log™
  • How large are the sub-plants per Solar-Log™.

We will get in touch with you and will be happy to provide you with an individual solution option.

Can direct marketing be operated together with a telecontrol system?

Yes, provided that the control is carried out via the Solar-Log™ direct marketer licence. The Solar-Log™ then implements the lower power specification of the grid operator or direct marketer.

Is my direct marketer compatible?

Check this quickly and easily in our component database. Please select "Direct marketer" under Component and then the desired manufacturer.

Can I change direct marketers?

Yes, contact us and we will help you. Please include the ticket number of the previous transaction and the name of the PV park.

How do I get a direct marketing licence?

This licence is available in our licence shop and can be purchased there. Please log in to our licence shop with your Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ account. After activation, simply click on "Synchronise" in the Solar-Log™ menu under Configuration, System, Licence.

Network security

Is every system affected by this problem?

No! Only devices that are directly accessible from the Internet (port forwarding). A user password must be set in any case!

Do I have to be afraid that my system will be damaged?

No, firstly someone must have an interest in using this open function and secondly no action is possible with a possibly existing open connection to the Internet.

Why is Solar-Log only noticing this now?

Solar-Log works with various security consultants and we react actively when security companies confront us with a finding. In our current FW development, we will focus more on security issues, as we will play a more active role in the area of grid control and energy management.

How can I solve the problem?

Quite simple - follow our suggestions and use our FW hotfix

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