The Solar-Log™ Success Story

From Start-Up to Market Leader

In 2004, Jörg Karwath had the initial spark and developed the first Solar-LogTM   in his garage. It was a data logger, to be used as a monitoring device for photovoltaic systems. Three years later, in 2007, the start-up company Solar-Log GmbH was founded by Thomas Preuhs and Jörg Karwath. In just a few years the company expanded worldwide, and by 2011 the Solar-LogTM hardware family was already being sold in 20 countries.

Since 2015, Solar-Log GmbH has been a subsidiary of BKW AG from Switzerland, an internationally active energy and infrastructure company based in Bern.

Photovoltaics are becoming increasingly important - both nationally and internationally, and the markets are constantly posing new challenges for the Solar-LogTM Energy Management System. Solar-Log GmbH meets the requirements and offers innovative solutions.

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