Unique Solar-Log Quality:

Intelligent to Sustainable Success

With our products, we make a significant contribution to the successful integration of renewable energy sources into an intelligent power grid. We see ourselves as the key to smartly networking, digitally controlling, and transparently displaying renewable energies.

The path behind the Solar-Log™ success story.

A look behind the scenes


Jörg Karwath develops the first idea of a monitoring solution for PV systems and the first Solar-Log™.


Series production setup.


Solare Datensysteme GmbH is founded together with Thomas Preuhs Holding, thus the start of Solar-Log™ expansion.


Solar-Log™ is sold and installed in over 20 countries.


Solar-Log™ becomes part of the BKW Group.


The launch of new hardware series.


Launch of the new Monitoring Platform Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ 4. Solare Datensysteme GmbH was renamed to Solar-Log GmbH

Visionary with Roots:

Down-to-Earth and Trend-Conscious

At the beginning of the 2000s, we started our activities in the field of solar energy as pioneers. Looking to the future, we recognized even then the increasing importance of alternative energy sources.

In view of the finiteness of fossil energy sources and the emerging increase in energy demand, we set the course for ourselves. In order to secure an independent power supply with photovoltaics, we continuously pushed the development of innovative and customer-specific energy system solutions.

Today, as an independent partner, we enable companies worldwide to efficiently and profitably manage the energy of their photovoltaic systems with reliable monitoring, and high-quality "Made in Germany" products. By these means, we are able to support them in making an active contribution to the energy turnaround and to protecting the environment.

Economy and Ecology
in Harmony:

Results-Oriented for Society and Ourselves

Success comes from the interaction of many forces. We express our gratitude to the region and society with social engagement. With our innovative technologies and solutions, we also see ourselves as a service provider for the community. Solar-LogTM actively contributes to the further development of a constantly changing society with products and solutions for a livable and more sustainable future.

In doing so, we rely on people who are flexible, tackle challenges, seize opportunities, and contribute their talents. We support our employees in their professional development with training and continuing education. We want them to feel comfortable in a modern working environment and to enjoy and be enthusiastic about their jobs.


Living Sustainability:

Taking Responsibility

For us, sustainability means protecting the environment, acting economically, and being mindful of people and resources.

We are the Opportunity:

Diversity as Added Value

At Solar-Log™ we value diversity. We see different qualifications, cultures, characteristics, and personalities as great potential and enrichment. We learn from each other, inspire, and complement each other. We put our money where our mouth is: our customers appreciate the binding and reliable Solar-Log™ character as well as the respectful way in which we treat you as equals. For us, this goes without saying. Only together are we able to shape the future and grow!

Sustainability in Principle

Solar Energy, Ice Cubes, and Honey

The development of sustainable solutions for a future worth living is an important part of our self-image. Anyone who is able to experience and enjoy the wonderfully diverse nature of the Swabian Alb on a daily basis at the company location in rural Geislingen-Binsdorf automatically focuses on the "clean future"!

Of course, we also obtain energy from alternative sources in our ecological company building. Our underground ice storage provides a pleasant indoor climate. In the cold season we use the hidden energy to heat. Two heat pumps first extract the energy from the water in our storage tank and then use the energy of the phase change (between liquid water and frozen ice). The large ice cube formed in the storage tank at the end of the heating phase then provides pleasantly cool temperatures in the building on hot summer days.

Biodiversity and nature conservation are practiced in our company. It is with great pleasure that we look at the industrious bees that share their lives with us. In cooperation with an organic beekeeper, we have settled a bee colony on our company premises. Organic beekeeper Matthias and our colleague Dirk take care of the friendly buzzing honey producers.

Once a Pioneer, Always a Pioneer:

Thinking the Future and Making it Real

We have retained our pioneering spirit even after many years. We are constantly questioning the existing, optimizing, and breaking new ground. Our strength is the interplay of different areas of expertise and ideas that make our customers' processes simpler, clearer, and easier to manage. With a keen sense of trends and future developments, we think long-term and future-oriented. To help our customers achieve their goals, we draw on our own dedicated employees and a qualified network. Together with our customers, we design and implement a clean and sustainable energy supply for a world we enjoy living in.

Through customer proximity and agility we build our goals:

As a company with agile structures, we live our core values every day to make our vision a reality.

"By designing infrastructure for living spaces with a future, we create solutions for a livable future."

Our common attitude is characterized by:

  • Sustainable relationships which we live "in partnership".
  • Joyful and passionate committment to an "entrepreneurial" contribution for a successful society.
  • Through the skilful interaction of diverse areas of expertise and ideas, we live the pioneering spirit in the company in a "forward-looking" way.

We are ISO certified! You can download our DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001 and ISO / IEC 27001 certificates. Further certifications & warranties are available for you to download. Get informed!

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