Solar-Log™ offers Innovative Solutions for Direct Marketing

Direct marketing of PV electricity - what's behind it?

Direct marketing is the direct sale of self-generated PV electricity on the electricity exchange. As an operator of a photovoltaic system, you can sell your electricity through our platform, or by connecting to a direct marketer of your choice. The "direct marketing partner" handles the transaction on the electricity exchange for you. Therefore, you will receive the market value achieved on the power exchange from your direct marketing partner, minus a service fee. The grid operator also pays you a market premium. This compensates for fluctuations on the electricity exchange. Plants with an installed capacity of 100 kWp or more are obliged to participate in direct marketing in Germany. However, direct marketing can also be an attractive form of marketing for plants that run out of the EEG compensation period applicable in Germany.

Your Exclusive Added Value

  • A suitable solution for every situation.
  • Direct contacts who support you in the implementation of your direct marketing project.
  • Flexibility in choosing the right direct marketing partner down to individual plant components.

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Direct Marketing Solution from Solar-Log™

Thanks to the implemented VPN function and P2P connection with the marketing partner, the Solar-Log™ direct marketing gives you a package from a single source. The processes between the marketing partner and Solar-Log™ are coordinated and integrated in such a way that you can track the processing status at any time via the direct marketing portal, saving yourself annoying mail communication. Combined with the revenue calculator, you can seamlessly integrate all steps from the offer to the implementation.

Direct Marketing Solution with Third-Party Providers

Since your flexibility is important to us, the integrated VPN function in the Solar-Log hardware can also establish further connections to all common direct marketing partners.

Direct Marketing Solutions for Existing Plants with Existing Hardware

What do you do if there is no Solar-Log Base in the plant? No problem, Solar-Log has thought this through for you. Simply use our VPN router solution. Here, an appropriately pre-configured router is connected to the existing hardware and takes over communication with the direct marketing partner. This saves resources and allows you to continue optimizing the yields for your customers.

There are plants that require a flexible solution due to their nature, for example, if several direct marketers have to be mapped. With the help of the interconnection control license, individual plant components can be assigned to a different direct marketer*, so you always have the optimal solution for your customers on your side.

*This solution requires specific technical prerequisites, please contact us to check them in advance.

Advantages of the Direct Marketing Solution
from Solar-Log™

  • A solution from a single source.
  • Directly coordinated processes with digital support ensure a streamlined process and less wasted time.
  • The required certificate check can be activated flexibly via the direct marketing portal - the transmission of the results takes place directly in the direct marketing portal.
  • Fast installation - no waiting times until all necessary certificates and information have been transmitted to the responsible direct marketer.
  • The processing status always in view, thanks to the integrated portal solution for direct marketing.
  • All necessary licenses are active for 30 days during installation, so stay flexible and prepared for project changes.
  • Flexible changes to other marketing forms possible in the future.

Is direct marketing really worth it?

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