Well Thought Out

Optimize with the Right License

Expand your Solar-Log™ device with various software licenses, such as the Solar-Log™ SCB license, or the opening licenses for plant expansion to use your PV plant even more effectively. From firmware 4.0* and higher, all Solar-Log™ software licenses are available in the webshop and can be purchased quickly and easily.

Here we provide you with a complete overview of our licenses and compatible hardware models.

To the general overview

Opening Licenses

Gateway Solar-Log™ 50 Software Licenses

The basic version of the Gateway Solar-Log™ 50 can additionally be extended individually by purchasing software licenses.

  • Gateway Solar-Log™ 50 opening license from 15 to 30 kWp.
  • Gateway Solar-Log™ 50 opening license from 5 to 10 components.

The prerequisite for this is an existing connection between the Solar-Log™ 50 gateway and the Internet.

Extension Licenses

Solar-Log™ opening licenses for the extension of the plant size

Solar-Log™ Base 15 to 30 kWp & Solar-Log™ Base 100 to 250 kWp.

FTP/FTPS Transfer Licenses

Solar-Log™ Extended FTP/FTPS Transfer License

The FTP/FTPS transfer license extends the possibilities for data export to external portals.
With this license, the Solar-Log™ 300, 1200, 1900, 2000 and the Solar-Log™ Base devices can transfer the data several times, cyclically.

Direct Marketing Licenses

Solar-Log™ Modbus TCP Direct Marketing License

The solution for simple and efficient communication between the direct marketer and the remotely controllable photovoltaic system: the Solar-Log™ Base devices can receive the reduction commands of the direct marketer via this interface and report back the current power. This means that all the prerequisites for the management bonus are met in Germany. For data transmission between the generation plant and the direct marketer, a VPN router is no longer required with the Solar-Log™ Base devices.

Power Management Licenses

Solar-Log™ PM PRO License

With the Solar-Log™ PM Pro Licence, the diverse requirements of energy companies for a plant control system can be easily met. The license includes among others: various control modes, a change of control modes remotely, fallback functions for the failure of connected devices, an active watchdog functionality, and the possibility to generate feedback channels from the plant. A detailed description can be found here.

Power Management Licenses

Solar-Log™ Integrated Control License

The Solar-Log™ integrated control license enables a flexible structure of your PV plant. Several direct marketers in one plant can be mapped. Even plants with distant feed-in or measurement points can be implemented with the help of several Solar-Logs and the associated group control licenses.

Power Management Licenses

Modbus TCP PM License

For some grid operators, the telecontrol technology is coupled to the Solar-Log Base via the Modbus TCP power management interface. The reception of active and reactive power commands as well as the feedback of various measured values take place via this digital interface.

Other Licenses

Solar-Log™ SCB License

The software license activates the data recording of different SCB in the Solar-Log™ Base 2000, as well as the visualization and monitoring of the individual string values in the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ Portal.
The technical data for the supported SCBs can be taken from the component database.