Solar-LogTM WEB-4U - An Offer for our Portal Customers

Valuable Time and Cost Savings

Do you lack the time and personnel to check every PV plant on your Solar-Log WEB EnerestTM 4 portal in detail every day and follow up on error messages?

Then use Solar-Log™ WEB-4U to benefit from our many years of experience and expertise gained from over installed Solar-Log devices

Benefit from the know-how of our specialists. We are there for you and reliably take care of the plant monitoring on your Solar-Log WEB EnerestTM 4 portal. As a portal partner, Solar-LogTM WEB-4U offers you a great personal advantage; the time saved gives you more freedom to focus on your core business and take advantage of our expertise.

Your Advantages

  • Valuable time and cost savings
  • Fast and simple
  • Reliable and competent
  • Independent and versatile
  • Secure and efficient
  • Professional and powerful

Solar-Log™ WEB-4U

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Our Specialists

Upon your request, our specialists monitor system owners' PV systems on a daily basis. In consultation, we take over incidental changes via remote maintenance and thus relieve you in your daily work.

  • Support you with years of experience and extensive know-how.
  • Recognize occurring errors immediately.
  • Take over changes by remote maintenance after consultation.
  • Create individual reports for you and your customers on request.
  • Provide you with important information for troubleshooting.
  • Support you in using your valuable time efficiently.

On request, we are happy to take over additional functions such as the complete configuration of the Solar-Log WEB EnerestTM 4 online portal and the recording and setup of the PV plant. Our expertise enables the portal operator to use his valuable time for strategic tasks.

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Security always comes first with us:

We host on European servers that are powered exclusively by renewable energy.

Solar-LogTM Support

Even if the sun doesn't shine, we won't leave you out in the rain. Our technical support is by your side from the planning phase to the ongoing operation of your PV system.

If you have any questions about the Solar-LogTM hardware and software, we will be happy to support you by e-mail, telephone, live chat, or remote maintenance via TeamViewer.


Customer Testimonials

Reiner Stauss - Managing Director of ezee Energy GmbH

"Our customer plants are monitored by Solar-Log GmbH, the monitoring specialist. Solar-Log GmbH supports us with Solar-LogTM WEB-4U services around the Solar-LogTM WEB portal. They monitor the operating data, because the error-free operation of the PV customer plants and, if necessary, professional support are our top priorities."

May we support you?

We create the necessary freedom for you to concentrate on your core business. With Solar-LogTM WEB-4U and the optionally expandable services, we offer you and your customers permanent and secure PV system monitoring. As a competent contact partner, we are always there for you and happy to support you.

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