Investments that Pay Off

Innovative Energy Solutions for Photovoltaic Systems

Solar-Log™ provides a complete package of products and services for your photovoltaic system. The Solar-Log™ product range developed in-house, and the associated online portal solution Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ stand for manufacturer-independent, qualified monitoring and control of PV systems worldwide. With more than 2000 compatible components, Solar-Log™ is a unique energy management system for renewable energies. We offer comprehensive services with monitoring, feed-in and energy management, as well as direct marketing of PV energy, which we tailor to individual needs for installers, wholesalers, investors, and end customers.

Direct marketing

Sale of the generated energy on the power exchange

Direct marketing

  • Open system solution for compatibility with various providers
  • Integrated plug and play solution with one-click attestation
  • Network control for flexible marketing of individual plant components
Peak shaving

Optimized power purchase at the grid interconnection point

Peak shaving

  • Integrated application solution in parallel with the grid connection and system monitoring
  • Cost-optimized connection of the photovoltaic system and e-charging infrastructure
  • Flexible use of the battery storage for cost-optimized operation
Feed-in management

Optimized power output at the grid interconnection point

Feed-in management

  • Certified solution according to VDE-AR-4110
  • Powerful range of active and reactive power controls
  • Turnkey complete solutions, right up to the transformer station

Monitoring, error detection and analysis


  • System monitoring with high performance
  • Compatible with third-party logger systems
  • Remote configuration possibilities for fewer on-site visits
Solar-Log™ WEB-4U

Monitoring as a service through Solar-Log

Solag-Log™ WEB4-U

  • Expertise from over 300,000 installed devices
  • Offer your customers plant monitoring as a risk-free service
  • Save time and costs
Smart Energy

Optimized use of the self generated energy

Smart energy

  • Self-consumption optimization with high flexibility
  • Networking of photovoltaics with heat generators, e-charging stations and more
  • Reduce grid purchases and lower costs
Hardware portfolio

The Solar-Log™ hardware family - solutions for every plant

Hardware portfolio

  • Modular hardware kit for cost-optimized solutions
  • Can be expanded at a later date in order to implement new solutions
  • High flexibility thanks to extensive compatibility

Optimize Solar-Log™ devices with the appropriate software license


  • Expands the functionality of the Solar-LogTM hardware
  • Only pay for what is needed, when it is needed