Levasoft and Solar-Log™
streamline the process from planning to plant configuration

See the project as a complete entity!
Planning tools and monitoring systems are certainly not new and are familiar to everyone when planning their projects. Each of these tools fulfils its task in the overall process of a photovoltaic project. At the beginning, there is the planning tool, which is used to plan and simulate the system-specific parameters; particularly important here is the planning of the yields of the respective system in order to assess the financial planning of the project in terms of its economic viability. The monitoring system, on the other hand, takes effect in the operating phase and secures the yield by means of target/actual comparisons and various evaluation and alarm options in order to be able to fulfil the energy and financial goals in the respective project. Two decisive tools at different points in the life cycle of a photovoltaic project and yet indirectly interwoven. Solar-Log™ and Levasoft bring these two tools together for the planner and technical manager to enable an integral and lean process flow.

In concrete terms, this means that today Solar.Pro.Tool users can immediately start determining the Solar-Log™ components suitable for the project once the inverter has been designed in the E-Designer. The determination takes place automatically after the basic framework conditions of the monitoring
have been selected. As a result, all necessary components as well as useful additions are displayed as a list. In addition, the planner can already carry out a comparison with the Solar-Log™ component database during planning and thus ensure compatibility, which in turn avoids costly, potential sources of error. The list of components can be transferred to the material list of the Solar.Pro.Tool output.

In a further step, both companies are working on the automated transfer of planning data from the Solar.Pro. Tool into the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ 4 monitoring platform. In future, this database will form the basis for simplifying the basic setup for monitoring. The user will save time here in future and the number of manual transmission errors will be eliminated. In future steps, it is planned to be able to commission the Solar-Log™ hardware on site more quickly. For this purpose, the planning data from the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ 4 will be transferred to the hardware on site. In the joint vision of the two companies, the system configuration is largely completed when the planning is finished for the user.

"The partnership with Solar-Log™ is an important step for us and our users to make the basics from plant planning usable as an integral part of the plant life cycle. The resulting simplifications for the user in the future will help to further reduce the costs for plants and make the process chains leaner.
We are pleased about this joint initiative and that in Solar-Log™ we have a partner with many years of experience in the field of digitalisation in photovoltaics"; says Stefan Wagner, Head of Marketing and Sales at Levasoft.

"The Solar.Pro.Tool from Levasoft has been established in the photovoltaic market for many years and Levasoft offers its users a very comprehensive planning tool; we were particularly impressed by the many possibilities in the area of statics. Solar-Log™ will increasingly align its products and services along the entire life cycle of a photovoltaic system. We are pleased that through the integration with the Solar.Pro.Tool we can bring another platform into the ecosystem of the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ 4 platform and that the users will profit from a future lean process in the configuration and the planning of the photovoltaic plant goes in one hand, with the planning for the monitoring and the grid connection"; comments Holger Schroth, Chief Product Officer of Solar-Log™ on the joint cooperation.


About Levasoft / Solar.Pro.Tool
Levasoft is a leader in the field of PV planning and has been offering the most complete planning platform worldwide with the Solar.Pro.Tool since 2011. In addition to the performance and the highly integrated planning of PV projects, one of the outstanding unique features is the precise calculation of
statics and ballasting and the optimisation of the resulting results. This always results in the most legally compliant, optimal and efficient application of the mounting system used, regardless of project size. Currently, more than 70,000 roof flaces are planned monthly on all Levasoft customer instances.

About Solar-Log™
Energy and feed-in management. The Solar-Log™ hardware and software products are used worldwide in over 140 countries to monitor photovoltaic systems, optimise self-consumption and control the energy fed into the grid. The portfolio in the Web Enerest monitoring platform includes over 350,000 plants with a capacity of 17GWp. Solar-Log™ has been a subsidiary of BKW AG since August 2015. BKW AG is an internationally active
energy and infrastructure company based in Bern (CH).