As of 1 June 2021, Solare Datensysteme GmbH will be known by its new name Solar-Log GmbH. “A logical step,” says CEO Brigitte Beck. The energy world has known our Solar-Log™ products for many years. “Therefore, it is only sensible to adapt the company name,” she adds. Solar-Log™ products have been deployed in 140 countries and have an excellent reputation globally. Now the company is taking advantage of this prestige. The new name takes into account that we have always predominantly been referred to as Solar-Log™ when talking to business partners, customers and suppliers in person, and therefore it will preclude any possible confusion from the very beginning. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has progressed from being a world market leader for PV plant monitoring into an important actor in the fields of feed-in management, smart energy and direct marketing. The company belongs to the Swiss energy group BKW since 2015. “With the exception of the name, absolutely nothing is changing for our partners and customers,” emphasises Brigitte Beck. “Solar-Log™ will continue to develop and provide innovative, sustainable products and solutions for a clean energy future.”