Topics: PV energy worldwide, heat pumps, electric mobility

What excites me about PV energy is that it is a topic for everyone. Anyone can use PV energy and it offers everyone something essential, namely electricity.

Vivian Bullinger
Public Relations

Topics: Energy management, utility grids, development

What excites me about PV energy is that we are only at the beginning of development here and that this form of energy generation still offers a lot of potential for innovation.

Roland Löhr
Technical Manager

Topics: PV monitoring

What excites me about PV energy is that the generation of "clean electricity" makes a major contribution to protecting the environment. Moreover, PV technology is highly efficient and can be used flexibly.

Marco Weinmann
Public Relations and Social Media

 Topics: all about energy management

Various guest authors from companies and associations dealing with renewable energies write articles here on the topic of energy management. It is important to us to illuminate the topic from as many sides as possible, which is why we are always pleased to receive contributions from our guest authors.

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