Interview with Franz Alt - What comes after the 52 GW cap?

by Peter Wark | 01.09.2020

(Video "Franz Alt in interview - What comes after the 52 GW cap?")

In the approximately one-hour video, Dr. Fanz Alt provides insights into the topic of renewable energies and their future.
In doing so, he shows what the path to 100% renewable energies can look like and how urgent the topic is for all of humanity.

Franz Alt in an interview

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The Road to the Solar Age

The switch from fossil fuels - or as Franz Alt calls it the "fossil pandemic" - to infinite energy sources, must be achieved by 2030. Climate researchers agree on this. "Climate change is the challenge of the 21st century, humanity must enter the "solar age" very quickly", as Franz Alt describes it.

Renewables offer numerous opportunities and more than enough energy to cover mobility, heat, and electricity. The fact that the energy turnaround is also practically possible will be shown with some examples from the economy as well as from the private sector.

Further questions discussed by Franz Alt:

  • Who is preventing and slowing down the energy turnaround?
  • What will happen if the EEG subsidies should expire?
  • Are batteries the "right" solution?
  • What impact can the energy transition have on social imbalances worldwide?

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