Less noise, more clean energy: noise barrier produces PV electricity

by guest author | 01.06.2021

New ideas and impulses are constantly advancing renewable energies. One of them combines electricity production and noise protection and is considered a unique project in Germany. We at Solare Datensysteme are pleased to be part of it.

An 887 meter long and almost 3 meter high noise barrier has been built on the Autobahn 3 near Aschaffenburg - equipped with 600 PV modules from Solar-LogTM partner Solar-Fabrik(www.solar-fabrik.de). The modules, each with 280 watts of power, were specially made for this noise barrier. They are equipped with an almost glare-free special glass and were elaborately integrated into the existing noise barrier. The PV modules were installed on the side facing away from the roadway. A noise protection system from the company Kohlhauer from Baden-Württemberg is used. This pilot plant produces up to almost 170 kWp of power. The plant is monitored by the Solar-LogTM partner company Die Solar-Wächter(www.solar-waechter.de) with two Solar-LogTM 1200 PM+ .

The project, which was realized after many years of planning, is intended to provide insights into how photovoltaics can be sensibly integrated into noise protection facilities and how corresponding plants can be realized more quickly in the future. Thus, the project can serve as a role model. According to current calculations, the residents of about 500 buildings near the highway now suffer significantly less from noise pollution thanks to the noise barrier. The costs of 3.5 million euros are mainly borne by the federal government. The electricity generated here is fed into the public grid. The plant is operated by the municipal utility company Aschaffenburger Versorgungs-GmbH, which has signed a 20-year contract for it.

It is calculated that this energy from the roadside can supply 200 people for a year or power 80 e-cars for a year.

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