Reference system with Solar-Log™, battery storage modules and CHP

by guest author | 01.10.2019

PV systems, battery storage modules and CHP: Ulrich and Klara Harhues produce energy with the help of these components and are thus highly committed to the environment. They use the Solar-Log™ energy management system to monitor the PV system and optimize their own consumption.

Thinking and acting in networked structures has become a real challenge even in times of digital revolutions. Complex it is, our world today. Success depends on various factors and parameters. Creating holistic solutions is by no means a matter of course. Ulrich Harhues (pharmacist) and Klara Harhues (pharmaceutical technical assistant) impressively demonstrate that it is nevertheless possible.

The two have succeeded in creating structures both in a predominantly commercially used property and in private living quarters, within which different energy generation systems supply valuable energy thanks to intelligent control and with the help of battery storage systems - in coordinated processes at feasible, reasonable economic conditions.

The Harhues' made a start in the commercial unit with a pharmacy, doctor's office and beauty salon as well as three residential units. A small power plant, which generates heat and electricity together according to the principle of cogeneration, a PV system and a storage unit installed later supply the building with heat and electricity. Whether it is generated directly or taken from the storage unit is decided by the control unit, which is based on and works with digital data and coordinates all the components of the system. As a result, the self-use of the electricity generated has now risen to around 80 percent, with a current total value of an annual five-digit € sum. The Harhues' have transferred this functional principle of an almost self-sufficiently operating energy center to their private properties.

When asked about the management system for error-free operation of the PV system as well as optimization of self-consumption, the Harhues' rely on Solar-Log™. "This system is quite simply a real all-rounder. With Solar-Log™, we can rely on our PV systems not having long or even unnoticed downtimes. We can individually optimize self-consumption and, for example, switch additional consumers at certain times. The comprehensive Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ portal gives us the possibility to optimize and visualize the complete system cycle," says Klara Harhues.


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