The American University of Beirut

by guest author | 01.06.2020

This project was funded by the European Union Cross-Border Cooperation in the Mediterranean (ENPI-CBCMED), MED-SOLAR project, in partnership with MONEERA, a non-profit social enterprise focused on addressing the problem of electricity shortages in Lebanon and surrounding areas. MONEERA's goal is to support the government in providing practical, sustainable, reliable as well as affordable solutions to address the energy shortage in Lebanon.

As the first solar plant at AUB, it aims to generate reliable and affordable electricity with a low-maintenance system: a photovoltaic hybrid power plant consisting of a PV generator, PV system controller, data logger, inverters and auxiliary equipment from leading brands. The energy management system from Solare Datensysteme GmbH was selected as the data logger, which in this case consists of a Solar-Log 2000 and the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ online portal.

"This is a pilot project that will prove the importance of a photovoltaic system as a solution for electricity generation and it is a good start to lead the university towards environmental protection" says George Geha, Chairman of ECOsys.

Client Description Founded in 1866, the American University of Beirut bases its educational philosophy, standards and practices on the American liberal arts model of higher education. AUB is a teaching-oriented research university with approximately 800 faculty members and a student body of approximately 8,000 students. ECOsys, an ITG company, is a provider of best-in-class renewable energy and utility-scale power solutions for businesses, government facilities and homes. Its product line includes complete solutions in photovoltaic, hybrid energy, and wind power. ECOsys also offers DC telco power solutions as well as industrial batteries for backup power.


Nominal power 150 kWp

Annual output 209 MWh

Solar modules Trina Solar

Mounting system Schletter

Plant monitoring Solar-Log 2000 + Solar-Log WEB Enerest™.


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