Solar-Log™ and the OMEXOM Boxes

Omexom Smart Technologies GmbH is a partner of Solar-Log and an example of how to jointly develop good solutions in the interest of the customer. The Omexom Boxes offer a simple and modular overall solution for complex plants. They allow flexible feeding into the power grid and additional fault protection.

Omexom PAV, E - Box

  • Complete power management system
  • VDE 4105 compliant for the German market
  • up to 2/3 more generating capacity of your plant

Omexom PM BOX

  • Telecontrol complete system
  • VDE 4110 compliant for the German market
  • Manufacturer-independent monitoring system, compatible with almost every PV plant

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Data Module SMA (RS485)

RS485 communication interface

The Data Module SMA (RS485) is an interface that enables wired RS485 communication for SMA inverters. It is suitable for SB3000TL-20, SB4000TL-20 and SB5000TL- 20 (Next Generation) models. Follow the manufacturer's cable recommendation to achieve good signal quality. For more information, please refer to the inverter manufacturer's manual. The Data Module SMA (RS485) may only be installed by qualified personnel. The Solar-Log GmbH does not accept any liability for damage caused by the connection.


All technical data sheets and manuals for our installation accessories can be found in our download area.