Sensor Box Professional and Professional Plus

Irradiation sensor especially for larger photovoltaic systems

Sensors help to detect deviations between the possible and the actual electricity production and provide important characteristic values regarding the quality of the entire PV system. If there is a deviation between the reference value and the actual production, an error message is generated.

The internal cell temperature sensor enables the temperature coefficient of the module to be taken into account when determining the reference value. For larger plants, up to nine Sensor Boxes Professional and Professional Plus can be connected to a Solar-Log Base, Solar-Log 300, 1200, 1900 and 2000. The Sensor Boxes can be operated in a bus with other RS485 components.

In addition, the Sensor Box Professional Plus can be expanded with an ambient temperature and wind sensor.

Sensor Box Professional Plus Accessories

Ambient temperature and wind sensor

The optional ambient temperature sensor (PT1000) provides additional information on power generation. For example, ice can be the cause of lower yields when the sun is shining and temperatures are cold at the same time. This problem is easier to detect thanks to the sensor. With the help of the wind sensor, wind strengths can be tracked and storm damage can be better identified as a possible cause in the event of outages or power reduction.

Weather station with pyranometer

High-precision measurement results for irradiation

The weather station provides measurement results for local solar irradiation in addition to air pressure, wind direction, wind speed and humidity. The solar irradiance is measured by the integrated CMP3 pyranometer. They are thus used to measure the local irradiation and provide information about the influence of the weather on the performance of the photovoltaic system.

All technical data sheets and manuals for our sensor components can be found in our download area.