Extended Connection Options

Solar-Log™ Smart Relay Station V2

The potential-free relays of the Solar-Log™ Smart Relay Station V2 are suitable for controlling motors, pumps, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, as well as drying and ventilation systems. The Solar-Log™ Smart Relay Station V2 can directly switch up to three loads and additionally record the consumption via the counter integrated in the box. In this way, the power consumption can be displayed in the daily curve and the accuracy of the Smart Energy control can be improved.

The communication between the Solar-Log™ Smart Relay Station V2 and the Solar-Log™ device series takes place via the network interface RJ45 (TCP/IP).


Extended Connection Options

Solar-Log™ Smart Relay Box

The Solar-Log™ Smart Relay Box has 8 relay outputs. With it, devices can be switched selectively or controlled in stages depending on the photovoltaic production. It only requires a free RS485 connection.


Extended Connection Possibilities

By combining the Solar-Log™ and the AC ELWA-E from my-PV, surplus PV power can be used to heat drinking water or combination storage tanks. The power is regulated continuously from 0 to 3,000 W by the Solar-Log™ Base depending on the surplus.

The AC ELWA-E can be conveniently configured via the web interface of the Solar-Log™ Base.

Advantages for the plant owner:

  • Stepless control for optimal energy use.
  • Simple communication via Ethernet.
  • Easy to service and maintain due to removable electronic component.

All technical data sheets and manuals for our Smart Plugs & Relays can be found in our download area.

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