LTE Router Multi Use

Wireless to the Internet

The LTE router Multi Use is the suitable router for all Solar-Log™ devices for plant communication between, for example, the Solar-Log™ and the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ portal. It is VPN-compatible and can also be used for data transmission to the direct marketers and as Internet access. It is compatible with most direct marketers (only for previous models Solar-Log 1000, Solar-Log 1200, Solar-Log 1900 and Solar-Log 2000) for Solar-Log Base not necessary.


Solar-LogTM PM packages

In the field of feed-in management, there are different requirements regarding the signals used and the required feedback from the grid operator. With the Solar-LogTM PM packages we offer a system to realize the most different requirements with minimal effort. The PM packages consist of I/O boxes and PM profiles. The I/O boxes offer flexible various analog and digital inputs and outputs as an extension to the Solar-Log Base. The PM profiles define the input and output signals of the I/O boxes according to the specifications of the network operator.

All technical data sheets and manuals for our components enabling a fast and easy data transmission can be found in our download area.